Thursday, October 1, 2009

Corporate calendar outtakes - Exmouth

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot to supply new images for a 2010 corporate calendar.  This company creates a new calendar each year filled with photographs of their products in action from all parts of Australia.  This year Exmouth's Novotel Ningaloo was one of the chosen locations so I headed out there to shoot some gas.  Yes, gas. :)

You might remember Paul, the Novotel Ningaloo's awesome chef, from the photo session I did with him back in April. One of our scenes was to be Paul in the kitchen happily using the big restaurant stoves. To make things more visually interesting, we decided that flambe was the way to go.

I've never been around serious flambe in a confined space before and let me tell you it heats things up quick! Especially when the chef and photographer decide to go for something on the more dramatic side of the scale. Do not try this at home - I still can't believe that Paul didn't a) burst into flame himself, b) melt from the heat, c) go blind from the seriously bright flames or d) at least lose an eyebrow. But Paul is a complete professional and had everything under control, smile on his face the whole time. I was five or six feet away and couldn't believe the heat (and I surreptitiously checked the mirror for singes when I left, you know, just in case)!

Here are a couple of outtakes that we thought were a little too much flambe action

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Gilsner said...

Oh wow, that's amazing! In a 'I want to keep my eyebrows' kind of way but, still, wow!