Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Night Fish n Pics #21

I just adore nudibranchs in all their myriad shapes, colours, patterns and even personality. These brightly coloured clownish looking guys (Gymnodoris rubropapillosa) are quite common on certain dive sites at various times of the year - think I saw nine on this dive! - but I can rarely swim past one without stopping.

I just love their bright orange markings and the way they often seem to sit up all perky-like if you're patient and watch them motor over stuff long enough!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Exmouth Family Photography - sunset sneak peek

Had the pleasure of photographing another Exmouth family yesterday evening and we headed over to Hunter's below the Lighthouse to take advantage of the fantastic weather.

Can't resist sharing one of Grandpop & Grand-daughter!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Night Fish n Pics #20

Not a fish tonight, but still an ocean goer! I've been out a couple of times in the last few weeks to hang with the migrating humpback whales and each time we've had excellent breaches and playful calves. I'm awed every time I see them.

Oh, and I just happened to also be snorkeling today when a mom & bub swam by! I was so totally engrossed in watching them that I only popped off one frame with the baby Canon camera I take snorkeling.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

SPECIAL: Christmas is coming!

I know it's only October but the holiday season is approaching fast and deadlines for getting our Christmas cards out to loved ones will be here sooner than we think!

I have sessions available most days from Wednesday 19 October through Sunday 7 November, 2011, so we should be able to find a time that works with your schedule. As always, an hour or so prior to sunset (and after sunrise, if you're an early riser!) is the prime time for outdoor & beach sessions so please keep this in mind when you are planning.

I've added a new product for this jolly season: personalized holiday photo cards. These can be customized to not only include your favourite photo from your session but you can create your own greeting, too!

2011 Holiday Photo Card prices:
Single cards start from $7/each
Sets of 5 cards start from $30/set ($6.00/card)
Sets of 10 cards start from $50/set ($5.00/card)
Sets of 20 cards start from $80/set ($4.00/card)
Sets of 50 cards start from $175/set ($3.50/card)
Sets of 100 cards start from $250/set ($2.50/card)
All cards include an envelope.
Sets consist of one image & one greeting.
No minimum quantity on single cards.
Each single card can have its own image and greeting.

Ring me on 0438 433 356 or drop me an email to reserve your session time and to get the full scoop on all of the packages on offer.

Already booked your session or have you already had your photos taken? Drop me a line because I have some great specials for you, too!

Hurry as spaces are limited!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Aiden 23 days old - Exmouth newborn photography

Aiden is just the cutest and most active three week old bub I've ever seen. He insisted on staying awake for our entire session and didn't get grumpy at all (OK, he did once, but only for a tiny minute!) He seemed so interested in everything going on around him, his expressions were just adorable and so much fun to capture!

His mom & dad are pretty fantastic, too!

It was super windy on the day our session was scheduled and Renee & Paul really wanted some outdoor shots so we considered rescheduling. Instead we split their newborn portrait session into two parts - indoor and outdoor the following morning. Of course, it's Exmouth, so it was really windy the next morning, too, but we persevered and found a little patch that was at least partially protected from the southerly for Aiden's first beach trip.

He slept through the whole event.

Can't forget the canine members of the family! They are both so good around Aiden, totally excellent siblings.

Once again, I've fallen in love with the whole beautiful family!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Night Fish n Pics #19

It was an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polk-a-dot...boxfish!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Exmouth wedding photography - sneak peek!

Maggie & Mohsin are so head over heels in love and so full of the joy of being together that I totally cried during their ceremony on the balcony of their room at the Novotel Ningaloo today.

Maggie's words of wisdom on the way back to the car as we finished sunset photos & I told her she looked beautiful "It's love. When you find it, grab it tight and don't let go. Be in love!" You can see that they certainly are!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Night Fish n Pics #18

I love a challenge when photographing underwater and can spend hours squinting into tiny crevices and deep into the arms of corals, contorting myself into all sorts of shapes and orientations just to get a shot of a cool crab.

But every once in a while it's nice to come across a big red funky looking crab perched out in the open on a yellow sponge!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sneak peek Baby A. - Newborn portraits Exmouth photographer

Baby A. turned 23 days old yesterday and is already a superstar model. His mom's pretty awesome, too.

Put them together and it's perfection!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Night Fish n Pics #17

I love when a bright orange-red fish sits quietly under a pink soft coral with a gorgeous blue water background. I can assure you it doesn't happen all the time - those pesky fish really don't do the whole sitting still thing very well most dives!