Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Aiden 23 days old - Exmouth newborn photography

Aiden is just the cutest and most active three week old bub I've ever seen. He insisted on staying awake for our entire session and didn't get grumpy at all (OK, he did once, but only for a tiny minute!) He seemed so interested in everything going on around him, his expressions were just adorable and so much fun to capture!

His mom & dad are pretty fantastic, too!

It was super windy on the day our session was scheduled and Renee & Paul really wanted some outdoor shots so we considered rescheduling. Instead we split their newborn portrait session into two parts - indoor and outdoor the following morning. Of course, it's Exmouth, so it was really windy the next morning, too, but we persevered and found a little patch that was at least partially protected from the southerly for Aiden's first beach trip.

He slept through the whole event.

Can't forget the canine members of the family! They are both so good around Aiden, totally excellent siblings.

Once again, I've fallen in love with the whole beautiful family!

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