Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jeni & Matt - Wedding celebration

Michael, Jeni's brother, walked Jeni down the aisle, both of them enjoying the special moment.

The afternoon was glorious with brilliant sunshine, rich blue skies and contrasting white clouds, a very gentle breeze and a near perfect temperature. Exmouth Gulf provided the perfect backdrop for their touching ceremony.

What would an Australian beachside wedding be without the essentials?

Jeni and Matt thought of everything

Although Matt's mobile phone was banned, someone slipped him one for a congratulatory call from a far away friend

They are such a wonderful couple

We headed around to the west side of the Cape for some more photos at some spots that are special to Matt & Jeni

The wedding party was extremely game - those ladies climbed those rocks in their heels!

Back at the Novotel we took advantage of their balcony to capture the stunning sunset's changing light before heading to the cocktail reception below

The Ningaloo Novotel overlooking Exmouth Gulf is a beautiful venue for a wedding reception. I loved the intimate family area in the centre of the space - it was a perfect place for four generations to gather!

Everyone had a lovely time, enjoying more glasses of bubbly - even the bubs enjoyed a glass

The whole day was beautiful and filled with special moments and family keepsakes that had great meaning to them and their families. The cake topper was a small vase that had been on Jeni's grandmother's wedding cake and I can't think of a better way to leave this post than with an image of it.

So raise a glass to Jeni & Matt - to new beginnings from a cherished past

I wish Jeni & Matt all the happiness in the world!

Jeni & Matt - the Countdown

Jeni & Matt had a wonderful day on Saturday! We started at the salon in the morning as Jeni got her hair done. The champagne started flowing, the cell phone kept ringing and various guests and wedding party members wandered in and out, elevating the process to the level of a party. Jeni's best mermaid, her cousin Alex, was there to offer support and advice while keeping the bubbly topped up.

The girls got ready at the Ningaloo Novotel and also put the finishing touches on the many baskets of flower petals, ready for adorning the aisle.

Jeni wore a beautiful set of pearl jewelry, very simply set in delicate gold.

Matt and his boys were happy and relaxed as they waited for the girls to arrive but Ruby just wanted to play some more.

Oliver was charged with keeping the rings safe

Matt only had a little hint of nerves as he practiced his personal vows one last time while Sandra, the celebrant, double checked his recitation!

Everyone was ready for the bride to arrive

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jeni & Matt - rehearsal

I went out to Jeni & Matt's ceremony site today for some last minute recon and ran into the full blown rehearsal, so had a great opportunity to meet more of the wedding party and capture some very impromtu moments! They are having their wedding ceremony at Bundegi overlooking the Exmouth Gulf and the jeweled blue waters make a lovely backdrop.

The bride and groom to-be are both looking very relaxed and happy.

Matt has been told no phones tomorrow and he even looked a little sheepish today when he got busted. Ruby, their puppy, was just looking for more fun

Michael, Jeni's brother, is looking very proud to be walking her down the aisle

The emotions are already starting to run high

They had quite a few friends and relatives at the rehearsal, including a few more very cute kids to carry more flower petals tomorrow. Who can resist such adorable faces?

I can't wait for tomorrow - it's going to be a beautiful day with a fabulous couple!