Thursday, April 3, 2008

Vicki & Randall

I have had the great pleasure to photograph Vicki and Randall twice before their wedding and on their wedding day. We headed to a beautiful beach here in Exmouth to do some relaxed portraits of them to really capture their spirits and devotion with the Ningaloo Reef as our backdrop. This is one fabulous, totally in love, happy couple!

The first day we headed out was all about exuberance - the sheer joy and fun of living on the stunning Ningaloo Reef while being in love with life and each other

We used the second day out to let them relax, get away from wedding preparations and real life for a couple of hours as we watched the sun slowly sink into the ocean. They brought their dog, Occy, along and he had to get in on the action, too!

Their wedding day dawned as another gorgeous day - perfect for their beach wedding in Coral Bay. The sun was blazingly bright and the tide was heading out, providing a great stage for their vows.

They sneaked off into the sand dunes for a few minutes of quiet time between their ceremony and the reception.

Eventually the call of the celebration got to them and they strolled back along the beach to the party

Vicki's bouquet toss was eagerly awaited and launched a great evening of food, wine and dancing!

Vicki and Randall are moving from Exmouth in the near future so I thought this a good time to publish some images that I know will bring them back soon!

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