Friday, April 18, 2008

Jeni & Matt - rehearsal

I went out to Jeni & Matt's ceremony site today for some last minute recon and ran into the full blown rehearsal, so had a great opportunity to meet more of the wedding party and capture some very impromtu moments! They are having their wedding ceremony at Bundegi overlooking the Exmouth Gulf and the jeweled blue waters make a lovely backdrop.

The bride and groom to-be are both looking very relaxed and happy.

Matt has been told no phones tomorrow and he even looked a little sheepish today when he got busted. Ruby, their puppy, was just looking for more fun

Michael, Jeni's brother, is looking very proud to be walking her down the aisle

The emotions are already starting to run high

They had quite a few friends and relatives at the rehearsal, including a few more very cute kids to carry more flower petals tomorrow. Who can resist such adorable faces?

I can't wait for tomorrow - it's going to be a beautiful day with a fabulous couple!

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