Sunday, April 13, 2008

April's underwater magic

My favourite way to recharge is to head under the sea here on the Ningaloo Reef for some scuba diving. I always take my camera with me and there is always so much amazing scenery and beautiful marine life to photograph. I find that being able to do something completely different with photography helps me be more creative during my portrait and wedding sessions, too. I play with patterns, light and composition while trying to capture the "personality" of each creature and the essence of each scene.

Here are some recent images:

Diver with fish

White tip reef shark cruising the reef

Snapper hunting baitfish

Tuskfish with cleaner wrasse

Yellow dwarf moray eel

Giant clam

Porcelain crab catching dinner

Coral cod with cleaner shrimp

Bubble coral shrimp

Tube worm blenny

Close up of slender flutemouth

Pair of harlequin shrimp feasting on their blue sea star

Clarkii anemonefish

Bream with cleaner wrasse

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