Saturday, March 29, 2008

Family portraits to remember Exmouth

I had a great time recently with a gorgeous, energetic family during two sessions as we set out to capture some quintessential Australian beach family portraits. They really wanted to have some relaxed family photographs with the blue skies, beautiful sea, cool rocks and sandy beach that makes Exmouth such a great place to live. We had to postpone our sessions several times thanks to a couple of unexpected cyclones that cruised past Exmouth but finally the weather was predicted to be calm and clear so we headed to one of my favourite beach areas, Hunter's Access.

The kids had fun playing on the dunes and digging in the sand so we used more playtime as a mini-reward for posing! One of my favourite shots was a candid right before Sam slid down the dune

Ryan and his sister were too cute and very cooperative - for a few seconds at least!

I loved being able to capture a few true "brother sister" moments, too

The whole family was so fun and relaxed that it was hard to choose favourite images. It was a joy to just hang out on the sand while they played with the buckets and doesn't get much beachier than this!

Sam's smile is completely infectious

Ryan had pretty much lost interest in all things camera so we decided to plan another short session in a few days. We met at the marina so we could use the rocks that make up the barrier for our backdrop in the setting sun. We made sure to do Ryan's shots first!

I'm sure that these special images will bring back memories of their time in Exmouth for many years to come...and hopefully warm them up when they are back in middle of snowy winter!

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