Monday, October 26, 2009

Stephanie - Toddler Portraits

My Grandmother always says that I was a ball of fire when I was little.  After hanging out with Stephanie the other day, I know exactly what she means now (and I should apologise to my parents a little bit, maybe!)  Stephanie is cute as a bug, full of energy (my Grandmother might say "beans") and super independent.

I like that in a kid!

Brooke, Stephanie's mom, put her in a gorgeous little outfit complete with matching headband. We spent a lot of time adjusting said headband :)

The lure of her private playground was too much so we headed out under the shadecloth to play on the slide for a while

She'd slide down so fast it was impossible to get more than one frame each time so Brooke would scoop her up and we'd do it again and again and again

Steph thought I was hilarious

A quick trek down to the beach in front of their house seemed like a good idea, but Stephanie was totally captivated by what was IN the water and not so much in what the silly adults were doing

Even the humpback whales swimming just off the shoreline only held her attention for a moment

before she went back to calling all sea creatures to her!

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