Saturday, October 31, 2009

I don't like mushrooms

I really don't like mushrooms. I am trying to eat them lately because they are good for me and I am trying to be better to myself. So far I've been able to choke them down when they are "hidden" - in a soup with lots of other vegetables, in spaghetti sauce, buried & broken into small pieces in a stir fry. But I always know. And I always do a little shudder.

I think it's predominately the texture that gets me. Nasty. I mean, I think they are kinda cool underneath, but only to look at and maybe run my finger over, definitely not to put in my mouth.

And I like looking at pictures of mushrooms in the wild- wide angle, green forest, early morning fog rising, beams of golden sunlight streaming through the trees. They do grow in some very picturesque areas and I've been known to go looking for them myself for photographic goodness.

But on my fork? Not so much.


Gilsner said...

lol, my ex used to not wash/wipe his mushrooms. I was all "that's gross" and he was all "what, it's just dirt" and I was all "um... no... no, it's not". ha ha!

luke said...

I'm totally with you. Mushrooms are nasty. Especially when they're cooked ... then they go all slimy, like snails. Uncooked, in salads, they're tolerable ;)