Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Such a cute puppy!

I walked out of my office while on a phone call earlier this morning and was gone for about 25 seconds.  I try to always close my door if I am not physically in my office, but sometimes I space it off when I know I'm only going to be down the hall pacing on the phone. I never even saw Stealth Dog go in.

It takes a lot to destroy a CF card, but I'm fairly certain it won't recover from Ridgeback lovin'.


Ruth[less] said...

*Gasp*!!! Naughty puppy!!!

curtoneil said...

Yep, that has happened to me as well. Left them on the table when I went to work. Dom got 1 of 3 and luckily it was the 1 of 3 I completed downloading before heading out.

ShortyPhotography said...

OMG! What a Norty Pup! :-o