Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Exmouth wedding - Beck & Craig 3 October 2009

Beck & Craig had a glorious Saturday morning for their wedding ceremony at Sandy Bay in the Cape Range National Park here in Exmouth.  The day was hot, sunny & bright with the perfect breeze coming in to take the edge off. The sky and water made a gorgeous background with their exceptionally vibrant blues, aquas & greens. You couldn't have expected anything less than perfect for this great couple - check out their engagement story (scroll down after clicking the link) and the symbolism of their rings.

This was a super fun event filled with an enoromous amount of laughter including tall jokes during the vows, Beck boogeying down the aisle with her Mum and Brother instead of sedately walking it and more kisses and touching by the not-yet husband & wife than I've ever seen in one ceremony. I admit to tearing up and feeling my heart fill with joy more so than at any other wedding I've had the pleasure of being involved with...and I wasn't alone.

They designed their own rings to incorporate gold nuggets Craig's father had found while prospecting & added the Southern Cross to the backs so they would always remember where they came from.

Beck's mum stood up with her for the ceremony

When asked "Are you ready today to take this woman to be your wife" Craig's answer was "I've been wanting to do this forever!" After Beck placed the ring on his finger he was fast to show it off for all to see - and Beck did the same!

After the ceremony we stayed on the beach for some group shots and then a few quiet minutes with the bride & groom

Beck & Craig were surrounded by good friends and their wedding party had fun all day. The Girls had a little trouble when we were trying to get a shot of them all because the Boys were standing behind me telling them to "Work it! Show me the tiger! Grrr! Show me the tiger!" This is one of my favourites from the day.

Beck & Craig were too busy having more kisses to jump for joy, but their wedding party got some good air for them!

We had to do some serious 4x4ing to get to the top of the Cape Range to get the shots they wanted and it was totally worth the bumps and jolts and getting temporarily stuck.

For those who don't know Craig, he's a big guy - 6'7" or something, I think. So we decided to have a little play around with the standard Groom & Groomsmen Hold Bride shot

The Girls thought they could do just as good a job on their own

Congratulations to Beck & Craig - may your lives always be filled with joy, love and laughter!


Gilsner said...

What a great couple! And what beautiful photos! Good job!

Ruth[less] said...

So gorgeous. Looks like a really fun day. Is that the day you got burnt?!