Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Benjamin - Baby Portraits 50 days old

Benjamin was such a little rebel during our shoot! You might remember his Sneak Peek where he looked so innocent - it was all a ruse. We'd start to take some napping photos and he'd wake up.  We'd start to take some happy awake shots, he'd fall asleep. He'd be hungry so we'd do some mom and bub shots, he decided he was done with his snack. He'd want his pacifier in, then pftooey out he'd spit it - and he can get some good distance on that thing! Repeat the routine. Good thing I always plan for baby sessions to run long and am prepared for anything that comes up!

Benjamin spent a lot of our time together planted face down. I can't imagine it was comfortable, but he seemed very happy that way!

I love baby feet

And when they're sleeping, it's just so awwwwww.

Sharon collects teddy bears and Benjamin was lovin' on one that was just the right size

I had a lovely time with him Mum Sharon and Little B was such a character!


Amy Jackson said...

OMG he looks absolutely gorgeous, what a wonderful photo shoot. Amy

Lisa B said...

Omgosh, these are so precious HE is so precious! Awesome job!

Karen said...

Wonderful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I'm not normally a "Baby" type, but......he's almost as sweet as the Ridgebacks - Now THAT'S a compliment coming from me......

Excellent idea, BTW - I respect your initiative & outlook.....C,xx