Sunday, September 13, 2009

Silly husband NOM!

The other evening my darling hubby Dave was making a scrumptious pork roast with tons of veggies.  When I saw him preparing the corn on the cob I thought "wow, that looks so pretty, we need a photo of this" (it's an addiction, I tell you!) so I made him go out in the backyard for a few shots.

As I was carefully focusing on the corn and the leaves (is that what they are called?) he jumped into my frame like the loon he is.

I love that he makes me laugh til my sides hurt so often!


luke said...

Awwww. You two are the cutest!

Anonymous said...

Iowa Girl - The leaves are call Corn Husks :o)

Cute series and love your addiction


Inez said...

Again you do such great work. I love the photo.

Anonymous said...

Cute photos! Your hubby looks like a funny guy!