Monday, September 14, 2009

Gadget goodness - my new baby camera

Yipppeee!!  My newest camera arrived today and I'm eagerly awaiting a full charge to take it out for some playtime.  I picked up an itsy bitsy Canon SD 1200 IS (also known as the IXUS 95 IS) because I needed a new ultra compact camera to just take everywhere. 

As you can see from the comparison next to my business card (yes, it hides the whole thing!) & lens cap (85 1.8), getting the smallest size possible was a huge priority. This little munchkin of a camera came in as the smallest, lightest and with the best reviews so all I had to do was choose a funky colour. It was a tough battle between orange and green, but ultimately the photos I saw on the web of the orange weren't as striking as the green. I'm very happy with the cute factor so far.

Stay tuned for the first photos and my first impressions on how it actually performs!

1 comment:

Gilsner said...

oooo... me likey! I look forward to your review. I would like a point and shoot but get frustrated with delays on flash and between shots. Great choice on the colour!