Sunday, September 27, 2009

Definitely Mama's Girl

Exmouth is heading into summer finally and the days are heating up.  I love the heat.  Hate the cold and bitch & moan my way through winter - even here where a "cold" day is like 20C (about 68F).  Days like that will see me in my office with my heater on, the heating pad on & under my feet and my body fully wrapped up in sweatpants, socks & a big jumper.  It's not unheard of me also having a blanket.

I do not deal well with the cold.

Today is heavenly though.  About 35C (95F), sunny, no wind.  Loving it. 

They say dogs take after their owners and Dora, my older Rhodesian Ridgeback, does seem to share certain traits - this was her a few minutes ago in the living room, on the couch, curled into a tiny ball (hey, it's all relative) and snuggled deep into a blanket...I guess it's not quite summer enough yet!

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