Friday, September 11, 2009

Worldwide Moment - 9 September 2009

This has been a crazily busy couple of weeks for me and I do apologise for not posting anything new for so long - the time has just flown by!  I will have lots of new posts coming soon.

Where were you on 09.09.09?

I participated in Worldwide Moment at 0809 Wednesday 9th September 2009 Western Australia time. Why 0809 and not 0909? Worldwide Moment works on GMT + the year. So this year was +9 GMT and that made the local time 0809 Wednesday morning. In the U.S. the moment happened Tuesday night. Cool, right? Maybe a little confusing, but they have a great list of times on the site so no math was needed!

This is a very cool global photo project for peace that anyone and everyone can join. It happens each year when all the numbers line up - you can check out the gallery from 08.08.08 here.

Where was I? I took the first chance in months to decadently refuse to get out of bed at a decent hour and slept late! At least I tried to sleep late. MatildaLily couldn't seem to get comfortable so jumped up and down, on and off the bed the whole time. So it wasn't as relaxing for some of us as it could have been. Dora is used to her younger sister being a dingbat and was able to klonk right off to dreamland next to me. This is my Worldwide Moment photo taken on my little Canon A720 in the dark while Dora's 47+kgs trapped me on one side and Tilly's 40+kgs held me burrito style on the other!

No, they aren't really meant to be on the bed, but sometimes it's nice to break the rules (insert laughter here, you know they ignore the rules most of the time) and have the furkids all cuddled up with you.

Keep checking back on the Worldwide Moment website as they'll have 09.09.09's gallery up soon and it's pretty interesting to see a snippet of time from such a wide variety of people and locations. Oh, and mark your calendar for 10.10.10!

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