Monday, September 21, 2009

Decision Kitty 2009

I'm begging your indulgence for one more totally personal post, complete with happy snaps from the baby cam. I want to thank you all so much for your comments, insights, support and opinions - this morning my inbox was overflowing (why don't more of you use the comments on the blog?  No biggie, just curious!  And I digress...)

Ever since Kitteh came into our lives we've been going along, introducing him (pretty sure it's a him) to the other Fur Kids but keeping Kitteh kind of separate, just in case we did decide to send him to a new forever home.

When we first brought him home, we (and when I say "we" I really mean "I" as Dave clearly had other ideas) had totally no plan to keep it.

Most of the animals did pretty well resigning themselves to the fact there was another member of the family - except Lobo who only this morning finally mellowed enough not to turn into a crazy, spitting, hissing, insane thing if he so much as caught a glimpse of the new-comer. Harry was completely mellow.

Tilly also had her moments - from the first day bolting under her hiding plant to the second day thinking it was EXCELLENT fun to bounce around to yesterday when she again seemed totally freaked out by it. I think her lightbulb is on, but it flickers...

Kitteh spent a lot of time in my office since I could keep a good eye on him and make sure he got lots of cuddle time. He very much likes sleeping right on my desk by the keyboard

When I had time or once Dave got home, we let him have the run of the house pretty much as between the two of us we can keep an eye on Tilly to make sure she doesn't get too excited about her new Kitteh is very curious & loves to play and explore

So how could we consider giving him to a new home? Every person I talked to said "awww, you've gotta keep it" and "it definitely chose you guys, you have to keep it" I thought and thought. I backflipped from being sure I was going to give him away to being almost sure that I would keep him.

It was a horribly tough decision. I know Dave really wanted to keep him. I know that I was the one that was taking most of the responsibility. I know that I wasn't really sure I wanted a new kitten even though I already loved this little fluffbum. And I know that there was a very good home waiting for him and that a little girl would be exceptionally happy to have her first kitten. And I know that this little kitten would be the perfect first kitten for a small child because his nature is just lovely.

It was the not being totally sure I wanted to have a new kitten in our lives that tipped the scales. I feel in my heart that if this would have been OUR kitten then I would have known it, felt it, something. But I didn't feel that strong bond. I hope that doesn't make me sound like a cruel, cold, heartless bitch but without that bond, I felt the best thing to do was to let Kitteh live with someone who WOULD have that special bond.

So I delivered Kitteh to his new home and his new humans this afternoon. They seem a very sweet family and the older girl, Mia is just a joy. Kitteh is to be her cat if she can pry it away from Little Sister, and I think Mia will be just exactly the right human for Little Blue Eyes.

I'm sad that we don't have the little bundle of fluffybuttedness frolicking around the house any more. But I'm very happy with my decision and know that as hard as it was, it was the right choice.

Please don't be too hard on me :(


Ruth[less] said...

Look at the faces on those little girls, it's the right decision for sure!!!

Anonymous said...

You made a perfect choice for those little girls. You can see the girls' love for kitteh, and vice versa. You made a splendid decision. I hope you can still get pics from time to time. I'd love to see how the kitteh grows with the girls. :-)


Anonymous said...

Of course, in the end it was up to you, to keep kitteh or not. I'm sure your can go and visit lil' blue eyes when you feel the need.