Sunday, September 20, 2009

To keep the kitty or not to keep the kitty

This is the question that is plaguing me today.  Dave really thinks we should keep the little darling.  I am not so sure.  And it's causing me a great deal of angst.

Yesterday I was determined that we find a new forever home for the fluffball and so I made new signs, stopped people on the street and in the stores to tell them how wonderful this kitten is and to ask them to please pass the word that it needs a new loving home.

Today, I woke up not knowing if I really truly wanted to give him/her up or not.  I think I do.  But what if I don't but I do hand him/her over to a new mom?

We have a lovely family lined up and waiting eagerly for us to make up our minds.  They could give Kitteh a loving, fun, happy, safe home.  I know Kitteh would be happy there.

Dave thinks that the kitten came to us - more specifically, to me.  He, and several of my friends, believe that pets choose their humans and clearly this kitten came to me for a reason.  I believe this, too, in fact.

I'm just not sure that the reason was for ME to be its forever human.  Perhaps it came to me to keep it safe, snuggled and loved until we could find its real forever home. Maybe you don't believe any of that hoo-ha about cats, and think I'm just a little crazy. That's OK, I believe that, too.

There's no denying this PurrMonster is cute, friendly, enganging, playful and just generally exactly what one would want in a cat. There's definitely a bond.

We have a good home, we have the resources & stability to care for it, the other animals have more or less accepted that there may be a new family member with varying degrees of grace.

But should we? Or should we fondly remember the few days we had with this special kitten and pass him/her on to a family who doesn't have any pets yet but has two little girls so they could grow up together and form that special bond you do with your first pet?

How do we decide?

What say you, Internet? Don't be shy - use the comments or drop me a line.


Lisa said...

In your shoes, even with my allergies, I'd keep it.

Just looking at the pictures I can tell you have feelings for the little ball of other than the fact that you have a home lined up for it - why wouldn't you want to keep it?

Anonymous said...

I think you already love the sweet fluffy baby, which is good because she adopted you to be her mommy. Keep her. She is obviously happy there. The other pets have accepted her and I think you and Dave have loved her from the start. No question.... keep, keep, keep. :-)

From-- Jamie

Lisa B said...

YES YES YES!!! oh wait...sorry!!

KEEP the kitten, you even gave it a cute name in your post, Freudian? Kitteh