Monday, December 21, 2009

R.I.P. Patches aka Kitteh

I got some sad news yesterday.  The beautiful black & white kitten that popped into the dive shop in September had to be euthanized a couple of weeks ago.  He had four fused vertebrae that were causing him daily pain (and a heart murmur, and blind in one eye...poor little tuckka had multiple problems) and there was nothing that could be done to improve his quality of life. It was a heart-wrenching decision for his family.

Goodbye, Little One. No kitten was ever given as much love and cuddles from two families. You brought pure joy to all of our lives and it was a blessing to have you.

If you missed the story or just want a walk down memory lane
Agonizing over our choices
Decision Kitteh 2009
So much happiness!


Ruth[less] said...

Aw, so sorry :( At least he got to know love in the short time he was alive. Big hugs xx

Gilsner said...

I'm sorry about Kitteh, Kristin. Poor little thing, but how lucky to have been so loved by so many people! And had Kitteh not found her way to you just think... she would have lived a lifetime of pain. You did so much more for her then find her a good home. *hugs*!

LisaB said... sad.... such a pretty little kitten!

luke said...

:( so sad to hear this :( :(

KarenW said...

AWW!!! Sorry to hear about the kitten, Kristen. At least she had you guys to look after her and do the right thing by her. RIP ;(