Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spirit Lake, Iowa - cool green grass

Thanksgiving Day was beautiful & sunny but deceptively brisk.  There was enough wind to create some good waves which then immediately froze against everything along the shoreline. Hubby went out first while I stayed nice and warm in the house looking down from the living room windows. The icicles he found on the dock planks were worth him getting chilly, I think!

Later I had to wander down with a new toy to have a play capturing all the frozen beauty, too. I love the red chaise lounge with the icicles dangling!

Thanks to a crazy amount of rain in October, all of the yards were still green to the end of November. Some of the fallen leaves and blades of grass were pretty cool (har de har har) encased in their ice cocoons.

My favourite of the day...

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Anonymous said...

"Cool" shots, kiddo. I can never remember my google name, so I'm leaving another anonymous comment :-)