Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Jacob - Newborn Session 21 days old

Noni was my first winner from my recent Newborn Photo Session contest and we set up the shoot for cutie Jacob just after they returned from Perth.  He was wide awake for pretty much the whole time but you could see he really did want to snooze - but he didn't want to miss out on anything, either!  I've never seen such a young bub be so interesting in his environment - it was wonderful...except that he was very grumpy whenever we'd try to move him or remove his pacifier!  Didn't matter, he was just so cute we still got a ton of shots that make us smile.

The Thinker

World's Quickest Nap Part I

Cheeky boy

World's Quickest Nap Part II

A little grump without his binkie - some mom loving helped, but ultimately, it was the binkie FTW

So very cute!

We'll be doing a Family Portrait Session in the next little while and I can't wait. Noni's sure that Jacob will sleep through the whole thing since that's what he was meant to do for this one.


Lisab said...

Awww, these are so cute, he's adorable. What a face and those eyes!!!!

Gilsner said...

So, so cute! Amazing shots for a baby who wanted his binky and was wide awake, yet sleepy. That's it... if I ever procreate I'm taking the 43-hour return flight to have you take the photos! Babies like plane rides, right?!? ;)

John Johnston said...

The last shot is adorable. Good work Kristen, love these