Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thank you MCP Actions - I won!

One of my daily stops is Jodi's fantastic MCP Actions Blog  She is super generous with her time and secrets and also has fantastic guest bloggers who share their tips, tricks and ideas joyfully.  Not only is it an awesome source of information, everyone who stops there is friendly and helpful.

Jodi also runs contests regularly. Which is why I'm posting this today. I WON!!

I never win anything. So I'm very happy!

This contest was about Stand Out Mount Prints from Color Inc and it was one of those easy ones - all you had to do was leave a comment and Jodi's twins picked some numbers. Which likely explains how I won, a random glitch in the universe.

Thank you Jodi for such a great site and thank you, Twins, for picking 123 - my new lucky number!

And because posts without photos are boring, here's one of my Ridgebacks done with MCP Actions BlogIt Boards (which I love!)

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Amanda said...

Congratulations Kristin!! That's awesome!!