Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NEWS - new Novotel Ningaloo ad on GWN

Go watch TV! 

The new television ad for the Novotel Ningaloo is now airing on GWN and everyone is raving about it already.  My wedding photography is the main feature of this ad and I'm so excited!

I haven't seen the ad yet as I haven't flicked the tv on much at all over the last few days but I'll be keeping an eye out. I'm also trying to get a copy or a link or something so I can share this awesomeness with those of you who don't get GWN!

Yay, me!

btw the link is to the Novotel, not to the ad...I'll link that when I have one!

1 comment:

Lisab said...

That is so way cool that YOUR photography is there. What an honor!!!!