Thursday, April 9, 2009

Steve, Louise & TJ - family photos

A couple of days ago we were finally able to do the first of two sessions with TJ!  The family and I have been trying to find time for months now but with their busy schedule, the bub and/or mom feeling under the weather and one or both of us being out of town we kept having to put it off.  You'll remember this lovely couple, Steve & Louise, from the two awesome maternity sessions we did last year.

Steve & TJ playing a favourite game "Grab the Binky"

My favourite shot of the day - TJ was DELIGHTED (no pun intended!) when Steve walked behind me and the flash I had set up on a stand went POW, right in his eyes! Louise thought it was pretty darned funny, too.

I joked with Steve yesterday after he saw the photos that I was going to have to bring along an assistant with a big stick to give him a smack now and then during our second scheduled family session since TJ seems to give us the best smiles when his dad is in a little pain :)

Sunday evening we are heading back to the beach where we held their second maternity session as we all thought it would make a nice finishing touch for this first round of family photos. I'm really looking forward to it!

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