Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting back under the sea!

With my travels and work commitments so far in 2009 I haven't had much time to spend time under the sea.  I finally got out for two dives on some of my favourite sites last weekend and had a fantastic time!

These polka-dotted crabs are just so cute, but oh so tucked down in the coral that they can be very frustrating

but a little perseverance pays off when I find that one has an awesome surprise for me...eggs!

I'm not sure this coral trout really trusted me!

I first noticed this turtle as she hit me in the back of the head with her flipper swimming past. She was on a mission to have a nap...she spared me a bored look

before ignoring me completely in favor of catching some turtle zz's

I was excited to find that the Clark's Anemonefish

had a new cluster of eggs secreted under the tentacle's of his anemone

And I couldn't post photos without some of my favourite critters - nudibranchs & sea slugs. There is such a wonderous variety!

I hope to get out again over the weekend so check back for more!

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