Monday, October 4, 2010

Here I am!

Who would have thunk that it would be over two whole months between blog posts from me? This is not what I intended - I had grand designs of being a good blogger, with many beautiful photographs, tons of interesting tidbits, a few special offers and a myriad of other posts that would keep you coming back for more and telling your friends to visit, too. Clearly, that ship sailed away on a little journey of its own!

My ship has been wandering the high seas during a few busy months of shooting weddings, family portraits, real estate, commercial & advertising projects, classic cars & drag races as well as quite a few changes in my personal life and a fabulous vacation to the U.S. to catch up with friends & family. I'm exhausted - I need another holiday, I think!

Just kidding! Actually, I feel great. Totally refreshed, buoyant and bursting to get on with the good stuff. I am ready to tackle the rest of 2010 and to start hitting the To Do List that grew exponentially while I was away during September.

So, don't be a stranger, coz that promise I made way back on the 1st of August? I'm ready to keep that, too!

This is me doing the tourist thing at Marin Headlands (north of San Francisco; thanks to Mumster for taking such a great shot!) on a stunning September day as my mom and I drove back after I finished doing a fabulous family portrait session at Muir Beach (photos from that shoot are coming later - they are a surprise giftie so the client has asked that I not share them until after the giving of said giftie!)

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Gilsner said...

You look fantastic! Sounds like you had a wonderfully busy trip. Here's hoping all the changes have been positive ones. You deserve it! :) xoox