Saturday, January 9, 2010

Poor Doggie - Exmouth, Western Australia

Today's post was going to be very different, but when I got to Exmouth Diving Centre today to get ready for the day's diving, things changed. Because someone has left their dog locked in one of our trailers.

We don't know whose dog it is and Doggie isn't wearing a collar. He's very frightened & stressed: tail tucked way down between his legs, growls whenever a man comes near the trailer and gives me cautious, hopeful looks when I get close. He doesn't like to look at you and tries to stay away.

Whoever left him did put a dish of water in with him, at least. I fed him a couple of slices of ham that he ate eagerly after oh, so very gently taking it from my fingers. He seems to be a good boy.

We are keeping an eye on him as there's no shade over the trailer and we are hoping his owner comes soon. Thankfully it's nice and cool with a breeze blowing so he should be pretty comfortable for the morning - if laying in a steel trailer by yourself can ever be considered comfortable. Of course, now that I write this, he's crying & throwing himself against the sides of the trailer.

Poor Doggie.

I was going to tell you all about our phone calls trying to track down the shire ranger (who doesn't exist at the moment), the police (who don't come to work til 2pm and all calls go to Karratha, a town four hours north of Exmouth) and about the incredibly RUDE man who aggressively gave me a super hard time about the dog in the trailer (he told me flat out that I was just going to sit here and watch Doggie die of the heat) but I won't.

I'll just say that Dave and I did get Doggie out of the trailer with a little ingenuity & slices of beef. We tied him on a nice long rope to a tree with lovely shade, a soft spot for snoozing & added a big bowl of water. After cooing at him for a while, he settled down to watch the world around him.

I then went back across the street to the dive shop, answered the ringing phone and looked out the door to check on Doggie. Gone. He'd chewed through the lead and taken off in a matter of seconds. Cheeky mutt.

So now he's wandering around Exmouth sporting part of one of our good leads (it's red, if you see him) and a decidedly girly girl pink collar with pretty bones on it.

Hopefully, he's trekked straight back to his home like our Girls would do.

If you see him, I would really like our collar back :)

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Terra said...

Aww poor little soul! :(

That's awful!