Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Exmouth Family Portraits - Sunrise Beach Novotel Ningaloo

Headed down to the beach in front of the Novotel Ningaloo for some fun family portraits. You might remember the little girl, Sophie, from way back in 2009 when I did some portraits just of her while all the boys were at school or work. This time I got to enjoy spending time with the whole family and it was a blast!

We tried to be serious (how cute is this family!)

but it was far more fun to be goofy

and pull faces & cool poses

and get thrown around

Once the kids got a little tired, we let them play in the sand & chase seagulls while the grownups went for a more romantic look (these two are sooo much in love and it shows every second!)

Sophie only gave us a minute but was so adorable when she joined her parents who could complain?!

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