Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Grandmother

My Grandmother died yesterday.

I'm at a loss on what to say as a tribute as everything I try to put down seems awkward and incomplete and totally inadequate. The feelings are still too raw and too close to the surface for me to start sharing all the wonderful times we had, all the strength she gave to me and all the love I have in my heart for her. I'm holding those things close for now.

I loved her beyond measure and she was enormous part of my life. I will miss her terribly. Her passing leaves an huge hole in my life, my heart, my soul. She was such an incredible lady to me.

Her love and support and belief in me were some of the most powerful forces guiding me as I stumble along life's path.

She thought I was better than I am, stronger than I could ever be and kinder & more generous than I ever showed.

I aspire to make her proud and to be even half the person she saw.

I love you, Grandma.

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Gilsner said...

What a great photo! Clearly your grandma was a beautiful woman, inside and out. I have no doubt you've already made her proud, chickey poo. And I assure you she's not the only one who thinks you are stronger, kinder, more generous and better than you might think you are. I think you are the greatest tribute your grandmother could've asked for. And don't worry about the stories, there's lots of time for that later. Just take the time you need. To heal. To grieve. To remember and love. *hugs*!!