Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I made it to Buenos Aires

It was a very long journey through what seemed endless airports, but I am finally in Buenos Aires.  It's 5am so I haven't quite adjusted to local time yet, but I'm sure that won't take too long!

I was able to stop in Sydney for a few hours to catch up with my friend, Luke from One Fine Day Photography, and we had a glorious morning.  We walked around Circular Quay and to the opera house, had some breakfast, people watched and just generally enjoyed chatting in the sunshine.  I was pretty tired already so only took my little point & shoot camera with me while we were there.  One day I must get back as it is a beautiful area.
A random building above the cafe where we breakfasted

Sydney Harbour

Even the view from the airport cafe was pretty nice

I had good flights on all legs so far of this adventure and am looking forward to exploring new sites for the rest of the week. I am off to Iguazu Falls later today and can't wait! I'll be back in Buenos Aires late Thursday night so hopefully will be able to post my first South America shots once we are back at the hotel.

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Hey just caught up to you and became live in Missouri!