Friday, January 9, 2009

A christening

Remember Steve & Louise who had such a great maternity session at their house that we booked another one on the beach the following week? Well, they are just about the happiest parents I've ever seen and they had a christening for their new baby boy, Trent James, a while back in a low key church service.

Trent looked a little unsure when they arrived, but he was super cool in his Quicksilver hat

Mom takes a quiet moment with bub before the service begins

Steve is head-over-heels in love with his wife and child

Trent took most of the service in stride

But wasn't overly impressed with the anointing part, so Dad had to help a little

Steve & Louise had a special garment that was Steve's and now passed on to Trent

Trent watched his Auntie with rapt attention during the candle ceremony

...well, for a brief time anyway!

Family and friends looked on as Trent received a blessing and was welcomed into their church.

I look forward to a family session with these three when I get back from my big adventure!

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