Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tossed & turned in 2011

Hello! I am here and have been here, though thanks to enormous web, email and computer problems it hasn't seemed like it for the past few months.

I've felt like these jellyfish - floating along happily thinking everything is fabulous only to get tumbled, swept out to sea and then tossed back up on the sand!

I have been struggling to overcome several severe server problems since March and I think I may finally be in the home stretch. I know I've missed emails and orders from some of you in this crazy time so I hope that I have now contacted you and we have things rolling.

If you have sent me an email or put an order in and have NOT heard from me, please email me again at or ring me on 0438 433 356 so I can help. I haven't had a glitch with the newly refurbished system in four days now, so I'm hopeful all of this is behind me!

Thank you for your patience!

P.S. I should have some new blog posts of weddings and other goodies up soon!

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