Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy February!

This month has been nutso and once again my blogging agenda has gone out the window!

We've had terrible weather with several cyclones including TC Carlos that came right over the top of us.

It kept us on Red Alert for over 30 hours & took out power to over 250 homes. We were OK through the cyclone, if a bit bored. And when the serious winds on the back side of TC Carlos hit, my youngest Ridgeback MatildaLily decided that she didn't like cyclones anymore - she gave me the very worried puppy look "Mama, I don't like the noisy storm, please make it stop!" after she hustled into my office, snugged up against me and just shook.

Happily, there was very little damage, just a bit of mess to clean up!

I've been busy with shoots of all kinds and hope to get photos up to share with you all ASAP. This guy will keep an eye on me to make sure I get it done!

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