Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful Novotel Ningaloo Exmouth wedding

I apologise for my delay in getting Kylie & Julian's lovely wedding at the Novotel Ningaloo up for you - it's been a long time since their sneak peek!

Their day started a little overcast but as the time drew closer we had the perfect temperature and nice soft light for their ceremony overlooking Exmouth Gulf. Both the bride and the groom got ready at the Novotel and there were plenty of family & friends surrounding them the whole day.

Kylie's dad finishing off his speech out on the patio

Testing out the specially decorated golf cart

Kylie peeking out to check to see if everyone else was ready

Her dad doing his part helping with the dress

A bride has to travel in style

After the ceremony we drove out to Bundegi Jetty for a few shots with the wedding party

and then on to Vlaming Head Lighthouse where we hoped for a great sky as the sun went down. It started off merely pretty

then got more intense

and then went to AMAZING

And amazing is nothing short of what these two deserved - I loved being with them all day. Both of them are just the sweetest, nicest people ever - the good vibes just radiated!

Congratulations and I wish you the very best of everything!

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Gilsner said...

That last shot is nothing short of amazing! Is it just me or does the cloud above them resemble a heart?!?