Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friendly Exmouth local

Yesterday I came out the front door to find a gorgeous racehorse goanna (also called a bungarrow) catching some rays in my driveway.

They've got such impressive claws

After I edged a little closer to him, he leisurely strolled up the driveway to my car and stared at the back tire for a little while

Even lizards must find that sort of thing pretty boring as he meandered around the front of the car and then settled under our olive tree for a little shade time

I think these guys are so pretty


Gilsner said...

Ya... between this little 'buddy' and that bug from a week ago... I'm pretty sure I would wear stilts or live in a plastic bubble if I were in your neck of the woods. Or, at the very least, tuck my pants in my socks. Ya... because *that* will get me a man. lol

Gilsner said...

lol... 'impressive' and 'claws' aren't usually words I'd use in the same sentence ;)