Monday, June 22, 2009

Whale Sharks are everywhere from Exmouth!

It's been a quiet week for me here on the blog as I was trying to finish everything on my To Do List so I could head out for an awesome Whale Shark Adventure with my diving company, Exmouth Diving Centre. The season has been so busy for me that it's the first time I've been able to sneak out - and we started whale sharking back in the middle of March!

It was an incredible day out. We watched humpback whales, snorkelled with manta rays and turtles and EIGHT different whale sharks! Better than I could have hoped for! The Ningaloo Reef is always so spectacular, I love living here!

Juvenile humpback whale taking a breath at the surface

Whale sharks!

We expect the season to continue for at least another few weeks so I'm hoping I get a chance to head out again before it ends. Stay tuned...


luke said...

Awesome! Love the bursts of light in some of these. I wish I liked water as much as you ;)

Kristin said...

Thanks, Luke! You will once you come over and I show you it properly :)