Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big things

Big sharks
Monday I went out with the largest fish in the sea, the mighty whale shark! The day was simply beautiful and the whale sharks were popping up everywhere for us.

Big features
I have some new features in the works for my Kristin Anderson Photography website. Soon there will be even more photographs to browse through and more information to help you. I expect to have the first new feature up by the middle of June.

Big promotions
I am working on creating some special packages and promotions - for kids, couples, families and weddings - so watch this space!

Big trip
My plans are coming together for my big excursion to South America and cruise to Antarctica in 2009. My friend and superstar cruise travel agent, Amber Blecker, has organized the flights and our land based itinerary for Buenos Aires and Igazu Falls. I'm very much looking forward to this photographic opportunity and to sharing what I know with the others in our group!

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